Bespoke Custom Made Badges

Soft Enamel

Soft enamel badges/pins are produced in either steel or brass metal. The stamped/pressed metal is then plated/coloured to the plating/dye(s) of your choice. Then the enamel ink colours are infilled by hand below the metal areas. If you would prefer a smoother finish to the surface then add an epoxy coating at no extra cost. Epoxy is a protective clear coating that gives a shiny domed effect.

Different enamel colours need to be separated by a metal/colour dye line of a minimum of 0.2mm thickness. All soft enamel badges are supplied with either metal or PVC clutch fixing as standard, however all other fixings are available on request.

soft enamel

Hard Enamel

Hard enamel pin badges can also be produced in either steel or a brass base metal depending on your budget. The stamped metal is then plated to the metal colour of your choice before the enamel colours are injected by hand and then allowed to set. This process is repeated several times until the enamel is at the highest level possible. The pin badge is then baked at high temperature to harden and once cooled it is hand polished to leave a smooth flat surface with enhanced colour definition. The different enamel colours need to be separated by a metal dye line with minimum of 0.2mm thickness. All hard enamel badges are supplied with a metal or PVC clutch fixing as standard however all other fittings are available upon request

Offset printed custom pin badges

The Badgeman LTD offer this “Printed” process when the design or colours are to complex to be adapted to work within enamels. Perfect for if you need to reproduce a detailed image or pictures, for example a wedding photograph.

Our Offset Pin Badges give you maximum flexibility on designs, shape and size. Whether you’re holding a charity event or require offset badges to promote a campaign or business, here at Aspinline we excel at delivering above and beyond.

Other Options

We can also supply glow in the dark enamels, glitter, antique colouring, 3D and many more different styles. More Details can be found on the price list or please feel free to contact us for more info and a free, no-obligation quote!

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