Custom Patches

Embroidered and Woven Patches are available in any shape or size and a wide range of colours/threads.

Patches are used for a multitude of purposes including decorating clothing, hats or bags particularly within the music scene by bands and concert/tour promoters in order for the customer to decorate clothing or bags.

They are also frequently used by scooter clubs’, groups and sports teams and are often used as a reward for winners and participants. In addition, they are popular with schools, scouts and guides and are also commonly used on uniforms especially by the military and emergency services.

Printed patches are produced by a sublimation printing process providing a high quality, smooth, flat finished surface and it is perfect if you are required to replicate an exact design or logo or demonstrate intricate detail.

Woven Patches are a good choice if a design is to complicated or intricate to embroider and ideal if you are trying to match an existing design or logo, Woven badges are produced using a technique that allows the coloured threads to be woven into each other to create the design which results in a flat surface whilst maintaining maximum clarity and quality.

Embroidered Patches offer a more traditional appearance and are made by stitching the threads of the design onto a twill, velvet, felt or chenille base leaving a raised appearance/effect. Previously these would have been produced using modern machinery which allows more detail to be applied at a much quicker rate.
We can also produce and supply labels for clothing.

If You are unsure which process you require and what would benefit your design and budget accordingly please get in touch and we will be happy to help and advise

Our Minimum Order Quantity is just 50 per design. All prices include FREE UK Delivery and are subject to VAT.

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