Custom Die Struck Badges

If Your Customised design doesn't require Colour, Die Struck Pin Badges are the Best Option for you. Enamel Colours can be added if Required.

These types of Custom Die Struck Pin Badges are created by stamping the design into a metal plate. This is chosen from our range of plating options including Gold, Silver and Antique Copper. By using methods such as Brushed Metal Polishing or Sandblasting, we can create a range of styles and finishes.

Die Struck Manufacturing is popular and particularly suited to 3D designs and Military insignia such as Lapel Pins, Medals and Coins.

TheBadgeMan is your Leading Pin Badge Supplier in the UK with Quality of Work and Customer Service as our Main Priority.

Our Minimum Order Quantity is just 50 badges per design. All orders include FREE UK Delivery.

Custom Die Struck badges
custom die struck badges
The BadgeMan custom die struck badges