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Fulfilling low minimum product orders can get you involved with some exciting projects. Becoming part of the behind the scenes Ted Lasso story started with the production company Shoebucket contacting me. They wanted custom football scarves for a pilot project that they were producing. After the signing of the NDA and various other legal documents, they revealed to me that they were filming a TV series. Its narrative was based around a fictional London football team, being managed by an American football coach. The coach had no experience managing a football team, of course. It sounded like a recipe for hilarity, so we at the Badgeman ltd. were keen to supply them with what they needed.

All the samples for the pilot episode were provided on time and snowballed into the company making bulk orders. Football pin badges, custom patches and more custom printed scarves were all supplied for the actors and the production crew. As the show’s production went on, they requested more products, from floor stickers and banners, to printed tensa barriers and lanyards. We supplied them with lots of different custom products they needed on and off set.

A few months rolled by after the completion of the orders and the production company Shoebucket got back in touch. They wanted to thank us for our hard work and let us know that pilot was a success. The project required us to provide these high quality custom products on urgent deadlines, for what turned out to be a quality show. They had gone ahead with filming a full series, using the products we had supplied them with.

You can imagine my surprise when I was watching TV at home with the family and saw a lot of the products being used in an advert for a new series called Ted Lasso. It soon became a regular advert for its launch on Apple TV and the show has had massive success since. It’s currently on its third season and has won a lot of prestigious awards and accolades. We were happy to meet the production team’s requirements and proud to be a part of the show since the start of its filming.

We at the Badgeman Ltd enjoy fulfilling low minimum orders for mugs, scarves, badges and all your merchandise needs. Since our journey with Ted Lasso, we have since provided products for other TV projects too. BT sport wanted some custom football scarves that none other than the footballing legend Robin Van Persie wore for one of their adverts. Get in touch to check out what we can supply you with for a project that’s just starting or already flourishing. 

Ted Lasso AFC Richmond merchandise
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