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Synergy between TheBadgeMan and the sports industry helps the #HerGameToo movement

Football is the sport of the world. Its accessibility is something to be celebrated. Part of supporting that idea is working to create a welcoming environment for all women in the sport. The campaign against sexism and online abuse and empowerment of women in the sport is essential to achieving this. Using the symbols of the beautiful game like badges and flags, I have helped the #HerGameToo movement to spread these messages.

My daughter is a massive football fan. It was through her passion for the game that I discovered the #HerGameToo movement. I started following them on Twitter and watched as the group began to pick up momentum.

As the campaign evolved, it spread into other sports and merchandise began to enter their movement. This is when I reached out to them, to see if supplying them with badges could help enhance their visibility. To help achieve this, they went ahead with a bulk order of enamel pin badges for networking, media and publicity purposes.

With this initial wave of merchandise, they were able to raise funds and awareness for the cause.

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After the success of the pin badges, Caz May, the founder of #HerGameToo, contacted me. She wanted to discuss the possibility of producing more badges to offer to the public. This was to help with an aim of the #HerGameToo movement; to have a multi-stream fundraising strategy to help fund the cause.

The movement is a non-profit organisation run by new blood and they had yet to get into a position where they could fuel their own growth. We negotiated a deal where TheBadgeMan would become the official merchandiser for #HerGameToo. 50% of the profits would feed into the campaign and girl’s grassroots football. Those profits would help to spread the message of #HerGameToo and finance sports equipment for grassroots communities.

As the badges began to sell at a rapid rate, I became more involved as a consultant. I provided them with guidance on how to promote their cause through other pieces of merchandise. Stickers, keyrings, flags and even car air fresheners became part of their merchandise range. The snowball effect these new products provided has helped bring awareness around their movement to the next level.

The synergy between the sports industry and my merchandise can help spread the symbolism of a team, an organisation or a cause. As demonstrated by the merchandise #HerGameToo groups now offer. TheBadgeMan products have given a big boost to their funding and charitable donations. It’s the visibility generated by these products that can lead to growth and greater awareness.

I have enjoyed every minute of working with the #HerGameToo movement. We have a fantastic working relationship and I have been honoured to receive the #HerGameToo Hero award, in recognition of my contribution to their campaign.

Having the support of TheBadgeMan for #HerGameToo has been fantastic for us. Craig has really helped us with promoting the messaging and raising awareness of our campaign. The service has been flawless and we love seeing customer photos of #HerGameToo products from TheBadgeMan! With profits raised from selling this merchandise, we have been able to donate kit and equipment to grassroots girls teams, so it truly is making a positive difference within the football community. Thank you, TheBadgeMan!” – Caz May, HerGameToo Founder

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